Birthday: July 31, 1956
Childhood hobbies: Collecting rocks and boy scouts
The reason he started racing: Bill Zadurski's father and brother use to race cars down at Hales Corners, and they would watch them. Joe even did some drag racing with street cars.
First racecar: At the age of 19 he bought a Modified 33 Ford Coupe.
Origin of "Smokin' Joe": His first time on the race track he spewed smoke down both straightaways.
First pit crew: Frank Barnes, Roger Barnes, and John Fellner, John being the only remaining crew member.

~Joe's first time racing at Hales Corners was at midnight in the middle of the week. He snuck in and turned some laps.
~Once at Wilmot, he drove a car to the track, took out the headlights, raced it, then drove it home.
~He cut up his first racecar because it ran so poorly and always had problems.


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